Wednesday, February 8, 2012

diy wedding hair??

this post over at broke-ass bride left me mouth-agape.  it's possible to do your OWN hair like that?

it led me to youtube 'diy wedding hair,' and boy have i chanced upon a treasure trove.  check out this one (ignore the makeup part in the middle, which isn't my style at all):

isn't that amazing?  she goes so fast!  and makes it look so easy!  i had assumed that i'd pay someone or have a talented friend do my hair, since most days i don't even comb it (i swear i don't look like a hobo, it just kinda...goes somewhere ok).

the style in this particular video doesn't really mesh with mine.  which is part of the problem.  i checked around youtube for a while and didn't find one that really spoke to me.  my hair will be relatively short by wedding standards, about shoulder length.  which sadly means no cascading curls.

so how do i find youtube videos that could actually work for me?!

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