Friday, January 27, 2012

eagle rock update

we did a site visit at the center for the arts (  it was smaller than i expected based on the photos, and the price is actually $1500 (not $1250 per the website), plus $100 cleaning fee and mandatory $15/hr to have someone from the site there.  still totally cheaper than anywhere else i've found and liked.  it includes some ugly chairs i wouldn't likely use, and nothing else (no tables etc).

it's really quite lovely.  i don't know if i should try to negotiate down.  i guess there's no harm in trying, especially since their website says $1250 and the wedding is in jan.

right now, this is still my top choice.  the problem now is that i'm unmotivated to find more places.  but i want to make a list and some appointments for next weekend.

lace overload

did you see this post over at broke-ass bride?

i had already seen a few of these, but WOWZA, this one really caught my eye:
Tadashi Shoji Lace & Chiffon Gown:
$548?!  ok!  there's only one size left right now though.  and i'm nowhere near ready to buy a dress.  gah.  when should i be ready?  it takes something like 4-5 months from ordering til it's totally ready.

i firmly believe that losing a bunch of weight for your wedding is stupid.  i don't want to look like a thinner me, i like me.  that said, i've put on some weight over the last few months (a lot of traveling, which leads to a lot of eating and drinking and not a lot of exercising), which i expect to come off in the coming months now that i'm back to a healthier lifestyle (:D).  so i feel like buying a dress now would be extra silly.

Friday, January 20, 2012

the worst of lhuillier 2012

not all that glitters in the spring and fall collections is gold.  obviously, these are my own (humble) opinions.

"Flutter" Spring 2012:
i really don't know what's up with the 'petal' theme i've been seeing everywhere.  this dress is not doing the model any favors, either - the sash makes her look weird and puffy.

  "Amber" Spring 2012:  
this is a horrible 80s prom dress gone awry.  and 'awry' for an 80s prom dress is REALLY bad.

  "Rosie" Spring 2012:  
is wrinkly cool?  i really hope not.  it could be a good selling point - 'save stress on your wedding day by sleeping in this dress the night before!'

  "Moment" Spring 2012: 
i know full, busy skirts are big right now.  i often think they look silly.  did someone give a small child a pair of shears and tell them to make 'art' with the bottom of this skirt?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

the best of lhuillier 2012

i love love love monique lhuillier.  she is mostly outside my dress budget, of course, but i can't help ogling:

  "Lina" Spring 2012:
i love this dress.  especially the back.  this is a sheath, right?  i love sheaths but i'm a bit too curvy for them.

  "Candy" Spring 2012: 
i'm digging the blush trend right now.  i even tried on a dress that was slightly blue!  it was...not flattering.  but so cool.  maybe not as cool as this beauty though.

  "Peony" Spring 2012:  
such gorgeous modern lines.  i like the low profile.  when i see women in wedding dresses, i like to imagine them standing next to their grooms.  this couple would be very sleek.

  "Sahara" Spring 2012:  
who ISN'T in love with that lace?

  "Monroe" Fall 2012: 
sexy and sophisticated.  my kind of gal.

    "Mila" Fall 2012:  
digging the open leg slit.  this dress is beautiful like another milla we know...

    "Emma" Fall 2012:  
i'd want something covering the shoulders a bit (why does everyone like strapless so much??).

    "Sentimental" Fall 2012: 
actually, this one is so lovely i think i like it without straps.  check out that lace overlay, yeahhh!

looking through the entire 2012 collection made me realize that i 'love love love' SOME lhuillier.  there's also a lot that i hate hate hate.  next post: the worst of lhuillier 2012.

happy anniversary!

my anniversary with the fiancee is in just a few days.  our wedding date will be pretty close to our dating anniversary.  but i kinda want to celebrate both, even after we're married.

is that crazy?  or awesome?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

thinking about food

i love food.  i know, who doesn't.  i sometimes think i love it more than other people.  i once took a supertaster test.  i failed it.  so i guess i don't love it more than other people.

a huge portion of our budget is going to food and alcohol.  the fiancee and i love weird food.  food from all over the world!  weird vegetables i've never heard of!  weird animal parts!  one of our favorite LA restaurants is animal.  there, we've tried brains, sweetbreads, ears, tails...a lot of stuff.  naturally, there was a lot of foie gras as well.

the fiancee contacted them to find out about catering - they wanted $100 a head (!) and the menu wasn't even very impressive.  we were pretty disappointed.

now we need to make a list of other places to contact!  i'm excited about that.  i don't really know how tastings work.  will caterers provide tastings for free if we haven't been to their restaurant?  what if we have?

right now i'm going craaazy with the food i want to have.  ethiopian!  indian!  korean!  french!  modern californian!  ALL OF THE ABOVE.  yes.  i'm thinking small plates on every table.  this will work if we do round tables i think, though the centerpieces may get in the way?  on long tables it might be too hard to reach everything.  hmmmm.

i'm not sure about how healthy the food should be.  i loveeee vegetables, and meat, and fresh veggies + protein + fat is basically my diet and the diet i think is healthiest.  it's not hard to think of amaaazing foods that are healthy.

at the same timeeeee there are lots of unhealthy things i love love love.  like gougeres!  and potatoes!  and perfectly soft and crusty bread!  so at my wedding shouldn't i have those things?  plus other people seem to like the starchy stuff a lot.  i think with small plates it would be easier to have a healthy menu.  plated dinners feel 'incomplete' to most people without a starch element.

i don't know where to start!


ooo.  yes:

Watters Lasara:
imagine it with little sleeves added on.  actually, a lot of this collection is fantastic.

i love grecian styles like this one from pronovias, but they don't work for my short frame at all:

this is also flowy but more in my style.  i would do it long though, and with a sash or beaded belt:
Saja HB6722:
soooo many choices.  saja is relatively cheap which is lovely.  my dress budget: $1000.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

finding a venue

i made a spreadsheet to keep track of venues, but i haven't really updated it.  it's been hard finding venues, because we have 2 solid requirements:
1. allows outside catering
2. allows outside booze
and one strongish preference:
1. indoors (since it'll be in Jan)
and one budget:
1. $2000

these 3 things have combined to make finding a venue in southern california nearly impossible.  i have some good leads right now though.

my frontrunner:
i love it because it's beautiful, cheap, fits our 2 requirements, and goes until 1am instead of midnight like a lot of other venues i've checked out.  they aren't super responsive to email.  i left a message for the events guy on friday but he hasn't called me back.  i want to do a site visit asap!

i also just found this site, which has some great cheap options, especially art galleries:
but i sent them and email and haven't gotten a response.

some others i've been investigating:
looks cute but it's a bit pricey ($3500).  i think they will negotiate though since it's off-season.
also pricey at $4000.  but it looks awesome.
just a bit over budget at $2400.  but it's outdoors and the event must end by 10pm.  plus it's in santa barbara, which is a bit far for me.
- a friend's family mansion
the photos are lovely.  it would also have to be outdoors, but they've done weddings there and it's got beautiful views.

i haven't done any site visits yet.  that makes me anxious.  once i have the venue i think the rest will be easier to start on.

getting started

i have a lot to do.

i got engaged this july, and i haven't done any wedding planning. oops. the (tentative) date is nearly exactly one year from today.

you know what that means. it's time. it's time to plan this wedding.

step 1a: find a venue.