Thursday, February 16, 2012


i think it's weird that people say 'wedsites.'  is 'wedding sites' really too long?

they seem like a pretty practical idea.  i've been meaning to set one up for a while, but since i don't have a venue, i don't really have a set 'style' yet.  and i think the wedding site should reflect the style of the wedding.

i found some neat templates on, which i found through offbeat bride.  most have links to vistaprint and minted to make your own matching invitations, save the dates, etc.  some of them are pretty cute.  i'm not sure if they'll be high quality, though.  etsy has some pretty cute invitations as well, but they tend to be more expensive.  and they aren't designed to exactly match the wedding site templates i was looking at, either.

how important are cool invitations?  and save the dates?  i was thinking of doing a cute photo postcard for the save the dates.  the fiancee and me doing something important to us, like drinking wine or high-fiving.  or posing with a sign that says 'save the date!' in front of our (yet undecided) venue.  wouldn't that be cute?  and informative.

back to the topic at hand.  what kind of stuff goes on wedding sites?  i've only seen one (i know, right?!  INVITE ME TO SOCAL WEDDINGS PLEASE), and it had a really cute 'our story' section.  it didn't seem cheesy or out of place at all, but do others find that kind of thing...too much?  we don't have any engagement photos to share.  i was thinking of getting them once we find a photographer for the wedding.  which i haven't made any progress toward doing.  le sigh!

is there even a point to setting up such a site until we have more information, like ceremony/reception sites, a set date (lol), etc?

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