Friday, February 3, 2012

more venue madness

a wonderful girl from my toastmasters club (gotta promote toasties!) gave me her venue spreadsheet!  it had a lot of the venues i'd checked out, plus some cool new ones that i plan to look into now.  and a bunch of gorgeous ones that are like $8000 and up.

there are a TON of lovely places which are affordable that come with their own catering.  it's making me reconsider the byo requirement.  but the only way to know if their food is good enough/creative enough is to try it, and i just don't have time or cash to try that many places!

i'm looking at this place now:  it has some nice photos, but looks kinda...ehhh.  it doesn't help that their website is straight out of 1997.

in the next few weeks i'm doing some more traveling (:D / D:), which means no site visits.  hopefully the last weekend in feb i can see at least 2 more places.

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