Sunday, January 15, 2012

finding a venue

i made a spreadsheet to keep track of venues, but i haven't really updated it.  it's been hard finding venues, because we have 2 solid requirements:
1. allows outside catering
2. allows outside booze
and one strongish preference:
1. indoors (since it'll be in Jan)
and one budget:
1. $2000

these 3 things have combined to make finding a venue in southern california nearly impossible.  i have some good leads right now though.

my frontrunner:
i love it because it's beautiful, cheap, fits our 2 requirements, and goes until 1am instead of midnight like a lot of other venues i've checked out.  they aren't super responsive to email.  i left a message for the events guy on friday but he hasn't called me back.  i want to do a site visit asap!

i also just found this site, which has some great cheap options, especially art galleries:
but i sent them and email and haven't gotten a response.

some others i've been investigating:
looks cute but it's a bit pricey ($3500).  i think they will negotiate though since it's off-season.
also pricey at $4000.  but it looks awesome.
just a bit over budget at $2400.  but it's outdoors and the event must end by 10pm.  plus it's in santa barbara, which is a bit far for me.
- a friend's family mansion
the photos are lovely.  it would also have to be outdoors, but they've done weddings there and it's got beautiful views.

i haven't done any site visits yet.  that makes me anxious.  once i have the venue i think the rest will be easier to start on.

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