Friday, January 20, 2012

the worst of lhuillier 2012

not all that glitters in the spring and fall collections is gold.  obviously, these are my own (humble) opinions.

"Flutter" Spring 2012:
i really don't know what's up with the 'petal' theme i've been seeing everywhere.  this dress is not doing the model any favors, either - the sash makes her look weird and puffy.

  "Amber" Spring 2012:  
this is a horrible 80s prom dress gone awry.  and 'awry' for an 80s prom dress is REALLY bad.

  "Rosie" Spring 2012:  
is wrinkly cool?  i really hope not.  it could be a good selling point - 'save stress on your wedding day by sleeping in this dress the night before!'

  "Moment" Spring 2012: 
i know full, busy skirts are big right now.  i often think they look silly.  did someone give a small child a pair of shears and tell them to make 'art' with the bottom of this skirt?

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