Friday, January 27, 2012

eagle rock update

we did a site visit at the center for the arts (  it was smaller than i expected based on the photos, and the price is actually $1500 (not $1250 per the website), plus $100 cleaning fee and mandatory $15/hr to have someone from the site there.  still totally cheaper than anywhere else i've found and liked.  it includes some ugly chairs i wouldn't likely use, and nothing else (no tables etc).

it's really quite lovely.  i don't know if i should try to negotiate down.  i guess there's no harm in trying, especially since their website says $1250 and the wedding is in jan.

right now, this is still my top choice.  the problem now is that i'm unmotivated to find more places.  but i want to make a list and some appointments for next weekend.

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