Thursday, January 19, 2012

the best of lhuillier 2012

i love love love monique lhuillier.  she is mostly outside my dress budget, of course, but i can't help ogling:

  "Lina" Spring 2012:
i love this dress.  especially the back.  this is a sheath, right?  i love sheaths but i'm a bit too curvy for them.

  "Candy" Spring 2012: 
i'm digging the blush trend right now.  i even tried on a dress that was slightly blue!  it was...not flattering.  but so cool.  maybe not as cool as this beauty though.

  "Peony" Spring 2012:  
such gorgeous modern lines.  i like the low profile.  when i see women in wedding dresses, i like to imagine them standing next to their grooms.  this couple would be very sleek.

  "Sahara" Spring 2012:  
who ISN'T in love with that lace?

  "Monroe" Fall 2012: 
sexy and sophisticated.  my kind of gal.

    "Mila" Fall 2012:  
digging the open leg slit.  this dress is beautiful like another milla we know...

    "Emma" Fall 2012:  
i'd want something covering the shoulders a bit (why does everyone like strapless so much??).

    "Sentimental" Fall 2012: 
actually, this one is so lovely i think i like it without straps.  check out that lace overlay, yeahhh!

looking through the entire 2012 collection made me realize that i 'love love love' SOME lhuillier.  there's also a lot that i hate hate hate.  next post: the worst of lhuillier 2012.

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