Tuesday, January 17, 2012

thinking about food

i love food.  i know, who doesn't.  i sometimes think i love it more than other people.  i once took a supertaster test.  i failed it.  so i guess i don't love it more than other people.

a huge portion of our budget is going to food and alcohol.  the fiancee and i love weird food.  food from all over the world!  weird vegetables i've never heard of!  weird animal parts!  one of our favorite LA restaurants is animal.  there, we've tried brains, sweetbreads, ears, tails...a lot of stuff.  naturally, there was a lot of foie gras as well.

the fiancee contacted them to find out about catering - they wanted $100 a head (!) and the menu wasn't even very impressive.  we were pretty disappointed.

now we need to make a list of other places to contact!  i'm excited about that.  i don't really know how tastings work.  will caterers provide tastings for free if we haven't been to their restaurant?  what if we have?

right now i'm going craaazy with the food i want to have.  ethiopian!  indian!  korean!  french!  modern californian!  ALL OF THE ABOVE.  yes.  i'm thinking small plates on every table.  this will work if we do round tables i think, though the centerpieces may get in the way?  on long tables it might be too hard to reach everything.  hmmmm.

i'm not sure about how healthy the food should be.  i loveeee vegetables, and meat, and fresh veggies + protein + fat is basically my diet and the diet i think is healthiest.  it's not hard to think of amaaazing foods that are healthy.

at the same timeeeee there are lots of unhealthy things i love love love.  like gougeres!  and potatoes!  and perfectly soft and crusty bread!  so at my wedding shouldn't i have those things?  plus other people seem to like the starchy stuff a lot.  i think with small plates it would be easier to have a healthy menu.  plated dinners feel 'incomplete' to most people without a starch element.

i don't know where to start!

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